Who are we ? 

Who are we ?

Considering marine conservation as a complex system with environmental, economic, and social components, our company, BlueSeeds, works on leveraging marine conservation through entrepreneurship. Social acceptability, the long-term vision, and efficiency of the conservation activities represent sometimes obstacles for marine protected areas.

BlueSeeds work for the implementation of regional solutions such as BlueMooring.org

The goal is to reinforce the capabilities of MPAs managers to manage their mooring to give them more availability for conservation activities. Following the test phase, we will scale-up this initiative to promote eco-mooring for boaters and thus preserve the endangered bottom habitat: the Posidonia meadows.
This is a platform for MPAs allowing both to control the management of moorings, to automatically collect fees and to communicate more effectively with visitors. This platform is coupled with an application for boaters allowing them to book and pay for moorings while discovering the conservation activities carried out by the MPA.

La solution BlueMooring 

BlueMooring a été développé par BlueSeeds avec le soutien de la fondation MAVA.
La solution BlueMooring permet aux gestionnaires de gérer efficacement leur zone de mouillages et de communiquer plus facilement avec les visiteurs.
La plateforme à destination des plaisanciers leur permet de repérer les zones de mouillages sur les sites de conservation marine, de réserver leur mouillage sur les sites partenaires et de découvrir les actions de conservation menées sur place.

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